Tracy Laird—Bookkeeping Services


At Who’s Counting, our goal is to free up valuable time for our small to mid-size business clients to concentrate on growing their business and achieving their business goals instead of worrying about bookkeeping and business administration issues.

Our full range of services provide value for clients by combining technology and experience to deliver quality and personalized support for the necessary financial processes involved in successfully running a business. We provide accurate and complete bookkeeping and business administration services which are critical to the success of a business and we help clients to make better decisions for the future.

We are passionate about partnering with our clients to find personalized solutions that will assist them in achieving current and long-term financial goals and we pride ourselves in the role we can play as an integral part of their management team to help optimize the time they spend driving their business, while reducing the hassle of running their business.

We offer a FREE initial consultation for business owners. Call us today at 707-483-4946 regarding our bookkeeping and business administration services.
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